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Under Constant Tension? Go Ballistic!
Under Constant Tension? Go Ballistic!


Instructor Lee Davison holds both the FlyFishers International Master Casting Instructor and Two Hand Master Casting Instructor Certifications.

He is a two-time International Spey O’Rama Senior Mens Champion.

Lee combines a calming patience and an infectious enthusiasm for teaching single hand or Spey casting techniques, building confidence and skill in his students.

His most important credential – He can even teach his wife!


Single Hand Lessons

Why do we fly fish?

Perhaps it’s the excitement generated watching a monster brown come up from his lair and snatch a bug we invented out of yarn & feather last January.

Maybe it’s the challenge of the right cast, the right presentation, the right fly - or maybe it’s just fun to cast and it really looks cool.

Whatever your reason for taking up the sport of fly fishing, Lee Davison can teach you the skills and techniques, giving you the confidence to enjoy your personal piscatorial pursuits.

Spey (Two Hand) Lessons

Discover the grace and ease of Spey Casting, while adding to your fly fishing repertoire – giving you more techniques to catch fish!

Lee is a two-time International Spey O’Rama Senior Mens Champion, (2015 & 2017)

Steelhead 101

Getting ready for your dream trip to the Miramichi, Skeena, Clearwater or Snake?

Or plying your local waters for the fish of a thousand casts?

Kick off your steelhead season with two-time Senior World Spey Casting Champion, Lee Davison He’ll cover the equipment, flies you’ll need, locations, water reading, and instruction in casting skills that deliver.

Fly Fishing 101

Everything you need to know to enjoy hooking your first wily rainbow or monster brown and look good doing it.

Topics include discussion on equipment, knots & leaders, flies, location, water reading & casting instruction.


Is your club or fly shop planning a fly fishing event, workshop or clave? Let us help!

Lee Davison is a Fly Fishers International Master Casting Instructor and Two Hand Master Casting Instructor.

He is a two-time Senior World Spey Casting Champion (2015, 2017).

Lee is an experienced presenter and lecturer and has conducted workshops, classes and given addresses at TU, FFI, fly fishing shops and club events across the country.

With Lee’s business and project management experience, he is especially suited to tailor a business seminar and/or presentation integrated with fly casting and fly fishing.




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