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Under Constant Tension? Go Ballistic!
Under Constant Tension? Go Ballistic!

The Ballistic Process

The underlying criterion for every Ballistic Flyline is perfection in flight. The goal for each series is to be the best in its fly line class.


Strategically identify an opportunity to create a better casting, competition or fishing line.


Establish length, weight and taper criteria to make Ballistic Flylines user friendly, yet lend themselves to advanced casting techniques


Each Ballistic Flyline series undergoes rigorous proto-typing for fly fishing and casting applications.


Proto-types are sent to Ballistic Flylines Pro Team members worldwide. Our Pro Team members are expert casters and rigorously test the lines for function and refinement prior to final production.


What our customers are saying about Ballistic Fly Lines!
  • "We guide at least 80 days every summer and all of our loaner rods are using the Pro Performance Ballistic Lines. It casts great, is easy to see, and no - it doesn’t spook fish any more than any other line! If you want to roll cast farther, and throw all kinds of flies and nymph rigs, this is the line for you.

    As guides, we need a line that does lots of things well. We throw big nymph rigs, tiny dry flies to spooky fish, and even use streamers. A 60’ cast is an easy cast with the Ballistic Pro Performance. As a fly fisher on my own, the Ballistic line is what I use. We love this line.  After fishing with it, lots of our clients have purchased one!"

    - Dayle Mazzarella, FFI MCI, Wyoming Guide

  • "Hi Lee, Just put the Pro Performance # 7 through baby Tarpon and Snook trials, 95 degree heat. Performed absolutely amazing. Jumped 3 Tarpon, landed another 4. Lost count of the Snook! Happy Days."

    - Leslie Holmes, FFI MCI/THCI, APGAI, G.Loomis Pro Staff

  • "If you are looking for a multi tip mid belly fishing line for all conditions with positive turnover, look no further than the Ballistic Launcher. Just add your favorite sink, floating or multi density tip to fish all water conditions.  The Ballistic Launcher redefines versatility.....the SUV of Multi tip Spey Lines."

    - Todd Somsel, FFI CBOG/MCI/THCI

  • “It is the best Spey line I have ever cast. For me it threw the tightest loops I have ever cast, farther than I have ever cast with a fishable line. It turns over like a cobra strikes. It will, I am positive, turn over a real fly in every weather condition. My Two-Hand class was at 4 PM yesterday in Albany, OR, and the wind, sleet/hail was at times horizontal. The Ballistic Vector line threw darts across and with the wind, and with no wind when the conditions briefly calmed. The highest blowing wind could not defeat its D-loops.“

    - Bob Pauli , Golden Gate Casting Association Casting Instructor, FFI CI

Our Founder

Lee is the designer and owner of Ballistic Flylines; founder of Snake River Outfitters, LLC; an international Spey casting competitor (Spey-O-Rama Senior Champion 2015, 2017); and past President of the Fly Fishers International (FFI) Western Rocky Mountain Council. Also an FFI Certified Master Casting Instructor and FFI Certified Two-Hand Master Casting Instructor, Lee travels throughout North America giving professional fly fishing presentations and casting instruction. 
His knowledgeable writing, teaching and speaking abilities make him a popular addition to high profile fishing and casting events worldwide. Lee combines both a calming patience and an infectious enthusiasm for teaching single hand or Spey casting techniques, building confidence and skill in his students.
Ballistic Flylines is a wholly owned subsidiary of Snake River Outfitters, LLC.




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